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Jennifer Perkins knew from an early age that she wanted to be a farmer but didn’t believe that it was a realistic option for a girl raised in a suburb of D.C. It wasn’t until she was 30 and had the opportunity to apprentice in a goat dairy for six months that she finally began living out her long-time dream. In 2000, she and her husband moved to the Asheville area- a region they had loved since hiking the Appalachian Trail on their honeymoon.

Jennifer feels passionately about her craft. She loves the historical concept of cheese representing the bounty of the harvest that is carried forward into the dark season of winter. She loves that like wine, a complex cheese is different depending on what day you taste it. It develops complexity and reaches a peak over time. She also finds it amazing that the simplicity of milk can be transformed into so many different and delectable outcomes with small but significant changes in the process.

Looking Glass Creamery specializes in mold-ripened, semi-soft cheeses. They vat pasteurize small batches of milk into signature handmade cheeses, adding only cultures, seas salt, rennet and the occasional herbs and spices— they contain no artificial colors, artificial flavors, preservatives or antibiotic residue.

Looking Glass is strictly a creamery, meaning that they buy raw goat’s milk from other local dairies and then use it in their cheesmaking. By doing this, Jennifer hopes to support the development of increasing numbers of independent small dairies in Western North Carolina to supply them and other cheesemakers in the area with great milk for making excellent cheese that reflects the character and complexity of the amazing place she gets to call home.


The Looking Glass Creamery has three specialty cheeses. The Early Bird is a goat’s milk crottin, and the Ellington (named after the famous Asheville architect) is an ash coated pyramid of goat’s milk.  Both Ellington and Early Bird are bloomy rind cheeses.  Looking Glass also makes a washed rind cows milk cheese called Chocolate Lab that is brine washed throughout aging and then finished rubbed with Cocoa and Chocolate Stout Beer imparting a mahogoney color to the rind.  


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