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The Hennery - THNF In June of 2007 we bought an old farm place. It was a sad, neglected husk of a home. Nothing bloomed. There were no bees. All of the shrubs had been cut to the ground. For the past few years we have been working hard to bring life back to this farm. We have planted blooming herbs and put in a garden and filled the barn with chickens once again. Bees now buzz and roses bloom and the sweet scent of bee balm perfumes the summer wind. And we have been blessed with a bountiful harvests. We give the glory of this new life to the sustainable practices we apply to all aspects of our farm. We use no chemical fertilizers on our soil. We feed the soil and the soil feeds our gardens.. We use no pesticides on our gardens or our fields. Instead we plant blooming herbs and flowers to attract the honey bees to pollinate and to house predatory insects that feed on the bugs that feed on our plants. We feed our livestock no animal by-products, instead choosing a natural and healthy feed mix. Much of it we grow ourselves so that we know it is the best. Our efforts have been rewarded many times over with lush and fruitful gardens and with rich eggs and healthful meats. We bring these same ideals into our kitchen, choosing only the freshest and best ingredients and baking love into every loaf.. We love what we do and take great joy in sharing our bounty with others.

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