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Sunshine Strawberry Farm is a small, family owned farm that has been in business for three years. They have recently re-established their strawberry fields to a new location and are looking forward to a fresh crop in 2010. The rich soil at the new location has been fallow (not farmed) for many years and should provide their customers with a scrumptious berry.

After owner and operator Buddy Evans hurt his back, he decided that since he didn’t want to sit in the house and do nothing, he would begin farming. He was born in Lexington, NC, grew up in Philly, joined the Air Force, and lived in Alaska for 18 years. Buddy and his wife, Debra, moved here from Florida to take care of her father, who comes from a family of local farmers.

Despite how difficult it has been to get the farm started, Buddy has finally found work that he loves. He is hopeful for the next year and happy about what has been accomplished on the farm so far. They have harvested the trees from their land and recycled them into a two story barn and a large roadside stand. Their progressive strawberry farm features "plasticulture" farming with raised beds and drip irrigation. The irrigation is provided from a spring fed pond located on the farm. After the strawberries have been harvested they intend to raise some 30 different types of fruits and vegetables ranging from beans to watermelons.

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