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Calvin Harris works hard. He not only grows a wide range of products, but also works for 3TEX, making body armor. Not surprisingly, he only sleeps three or four hours a night.

The 20 acre Spring Top Farm, in Union Mills, has been part of his family for 3 generations. Most of the farm is hilly, with only about 7 acres of bottom land, and has rich red soil. His father bought the farm during WWII, so Calvin grew up working on the farm. When he was ten years old, Calvin planted blueberry bushes with his father that yield fruit to this day. He moved away to Florida to get away from farm work, but came back in 1980 to help his parents. Calvin is happy to be living on the family farm today, and to have raised his two sons and one daughter. He travels often to visit his grandchildren, and also visited Costa Rica last year on a mission trip. He felt a connection to the farmers he met there, and has stayed in touch with them since.

Calvin's winter crops include turnips, collard greens, and garlic. His summer crops will be much more varied and will feature heirloom Brandywine Tomatoes and shitake mushrooms. All Spring Top Farm products are grown without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Rabbits are bred and raised to provide fertilizer for the produce and will soon be raised for meat as well. Despite his busy schedule, Calvin hopes to return to his hobby of gold mining soon.

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