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Puzzle Peace Farm is operated by Thomas Carson and Lindy Abrams on family land in Bostic. We grow a wide variety of produce using organic methods (no synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers) and plan to incorporate biodynamic methods as we learn. Our long term goal is to be as sustainable as possible, therefore minimizing our negative imprint on our environment. This involves carefully balancing our available resources to minimize outside inputs. Effective composting, cover cropping, and passive water collection and irrigation are some examples. Alternative fuels and energies, used efficiently and sparingly, to power tractors, vehicles, electricity, and heating are also vital to this goal. We also raise bees, chickens, milk goats, and pigs. Look for wild edibles available in season.

Please Contact us via email: puzzlepeacefarm@yahoo.com

And visit our blog at www.puzzlepeacefarm.blogspot.com

Thomas’ family has been in Rutherford County for many years, and he is the third generation to live and work on Puzzle Peace Farm. His father grew wheat for a time and currently works with farm machinery, so Thomas has been familiar with farming from an early age. Because he always wanted to grow and to become self-sufficient, he started farming two years ago.

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