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The Greene Family Farm belongs to Sherri and Derek Greene.  Derek teaches history, and Sherri home-schools the children.  We both grew up on dairy farms and have gardened and tended chickens since we were married.  We all work together growing greens, garlic, vegetables, herbs, berries, and apples. We also raise chickens and honeybees on our small farm in Shelby. Our house and garden once belonged to Derek’s grandparents. Derek’s father and uncles are still dairy farmers nearby.

The land was once used to grow cotton, so the soil was very depleted by the time we started farming it. Through the natural fertilization provided by our chickens and mulch, we have been able to get amazing results. Originally, we only grew to provide food for our family, but we were soon harvesting more than we could eat and we have been selling the surplus since December 2009 through The Farmers Fresh Market.

We do it all by hand, from the mobile A-frames that shelter the hens, to our homemade natural fertilizer, to the preparation of the produce beds.  We do the work carefully, and we do it ourselves. We can tell the difference, and you will be able to as well.

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