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Golden Valley Honey ( is owned and operated by Jeanne Price, a certified Master Beekeeper. She calls herself retired but she employs a work force of almost 3 million. She runs an apiary in Rutherford County. Most of her 60 hives are scattered across farms throughout western North Carolina in Rutherford, Cleveland, Buncombe and Jackson Counties. She is currently First Vice President of the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association. Jeanne’s love for beekeeping began when she was a small child as she watched her grandfather working with his bees in Avery County, NC. She loved the “bee honey” that he cut from the comb for her to savor. And she is passing along the passion to her three grandchildren who help in all phases of the operation. They each have their own beekeeping equipment and help in the apiary. Grace (age 10) and Lauren (age 13) make candles to sell from the beeswax that is a byproduct of the honey business. Zach (age 16) loves putting together the wooden hive bodies and pollen traps. Jeanne loves her bees. “They are probably one of the most interesting animals you will ever encounter. The more you know, the more you want to know. And it puts you closer to nature. One-third of all the food we eat, we wouldn't have if it weren't for the honeybee.” As long as you make an appointment first, Jeanne will show you around her operation, where, with the help of millions of furiously working little ladies, she bottles honey in a variety of flavors; the flavor differs according to the blossoms the bees gather nectar from. And all of the honey is raw, meaning it is unfiltered and unheated. Some people believe raw honey, which contains some residual pollen, can help combat allergies.

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