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Café Baking Company is an extension of Liz Rose’s first culinary enterprise, Café at the Mall. The consciousness with which she chooses local ingredients and plans nutritious menus stems from her background as a dietitian. The care with which she prepares her food is rooted in a life-long love of cooking.

Liz first worked for several years in a hospital as a dietitian. Because of the clinical nature of the work, she didn’t really feel as though she was helping people, so she headed to culinary school with the hope that she could show people how to eat well through cooking.

After training in Ireland and then working with her father to learn more about business, she opened Café at the Mall. Several years later, Liz opened Café Baking Company in order to make baked goods from scratch as she already had in Café at the Mall. At the same time, she founded 10 North Trade Café Bakery in Tryon.

Liz sells her artesian breads, sweet breads, and cakes through Café Baking Company. She buys fresh and local ingredients, such as fruits and eggs, and incorporates them into her recipes, adapting her menu based on seasonal availability. She uses Carolina Ruby sweet potatoes from Farmers Fresh Market grower Charlene’s Garden in one of her best sellers, sweet potato- pecan bread.

Through the carefully planned menus and fresh ingredients that she uses in all of her ventures, Liz embodies her philosophy that fresh is healthy and uses culinary creativity to promote nutritious food.

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