We’re excited to announce….

Down East Connect has moved! We’re now partnered with Farmzie, a global farmer’s market and farmer business toolkit (read more about Farmzie here). You can still find all your favorite local products, farmers, and dependable service as before - just on a new, easier to use online market platform! We know you’re going to love it. We do!

Your pick-up locations, times and order cut off time will remain the same, but now you’ll also be able to…

What’s different?

You’ll need to re-register, but it only takes a minute! After registration, you’ll be prompted to set Down East Connect as your preference. This means every time you log in you’ll automatically see all your favorite DEC farmers and products. If you want to shop directly from farms without DEC delivery, simply change your preference by clicking on the white search bar in the top center of your page.

You will see a small Farmzie fee added on to your order at checkout. This covers the 100% FREE services Farmzie provides to Farmers - like the ability to take credit cards at farmers markets with NO processing fees! That means every time you shop Farmzie, you’re supporting local farmers two-fold!

We’re also ending our delivery box refund. DEC’s charges are built into the prices you see when you shop, and we hope you continue to return your wax boxes to us to help keep those prices as low as possible. We know it’s easy to stash them in your closet or toss them away, but we really need those boxes back!

Be patient with us!

You might not SEE all your farmers up on Farmzie at once, but don’t worry, they’ll be on soon. And please let us know if you have any questions or problems ordering - you can call us directly at 910-477-3276 or email us at martha@downeastconnect.com.


Try Farmzie out now and let us know what you think!   Visit Farmzie